We have now added surveying to our list of services we offer. We use the precise science of determining the positions of, and the distances between, points in 2D and 3D space.

Our surveys provide critical information that enables informed decision making ranging from construction site planning, to design and upkeep of infrastructure, to delineating cadastral property boundaries, and more.

Our drone survey is simply a survey conducted from overhead using a drone.

2D Orthomosaic maps

We can can stitch together hundreds or thousands of digital photos captured by our drone, and produce high quality 2D Orthomosaic maps

3D orthomosaic map

We can use a large number of digital photos of your surveying site that can be compiled into a 3D orthomosaic map and provide actionable topographic data

Drones and BIM

In construction and project management, drone surveying can provide critical data that goes hand in hand with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

At each stage of the construction process, high-resolution 3D photogrammetric or laser models captured by drones can be overlaid on and compared with pre-planned BIM objects. This allows for discrepancies between plans and reality to be identified.

If your in need of a land survey in the Myrtle Beach, or Wilmington, NC area please don’t hesitate to connect with us (843) 267-1604 or mail@expressmedia.us

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